MLB Photo Store Shopping Cart Widgets

This... is an iframe widget.

What's an iframe widget?

It's a little piece of HTML code that you can add to your website... your Wordpress blog... your Tumblr page... etc... and just by adding that little piece of code, the widget appears.

What's so great about that?

Try clicking on the widget.   A fully functional shopping cart will pop up!

Visitors to your website can now purchase prints from your pop-up shopping cart... without ever leaving your site.   Yes - really!

Give it a try.   Copy and paste the following code onto your website:

Do you want to customize the look of the widget?   No problem.

Just login to your account, click on the "Shopping Cart Widgets" icon, and you can change the background image, border colors, font colors, and more for each available widget!

But wait... there's more...

If you want to, you can skip the slideshow and just add a shopping cart directly to your site.   See below:

Here's the code to do this: